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“I need a reliable person!”  3

This just landed in my inbox. Of course I’ve immediately replied with my name, address, bank details and shoe size:

Good day.

My mail may suprise or astonish you but it is a true event that took place a couple of days ago.

I am Miss Ritta Abebe,the Junior sister to late STELLA OBASANJO the late wife of President, My Sister Stella Obasanjo was died in Spanish hosipal in Spain when she went for operation, My late Sister STELLA with he,s husband OBASANJO collaborated with a diplomatic cargo company situated in ghana to move out $ (fifty million us dollar)to Dubai in raw cash.I have all the documents in my hand.

The most unfortunate event took place a couple of days ago.My Sister Stella alerted me about the deal and his trip to dubai when she,s back from Spain to claim the fund.He handed the documents to me and instructed me to DHL the documents on his name, to an address he handed over to me.He stressed on the importance of the documents.

He left to Spain on the 21th of octomber 2005 .We had unpleasant news on the 23th octomber 2005,that my Sister Stella Obasanjo was dead.The entire family of Stella are in deep pains for the lost of our bread winner..I want to safe gaurd the fund that is currently in Dubai.I shall be very willing to coperate with you in any form if you can receive the above consignment from the Diplomatic Company situated in dubai.

I expect you to assist my family receive the consignment in dubai,after which i will invest in your country. I have unfliching trust and confidence on you and your business credentials.I am not comfortable sending this documents to your office fax for the far of failling into the hands of your workers.kindly indicate your private telefax and telephone number.In summary,i shall be very willing to give you 30% at the conclusion of the transaction.I sincerely appologize for any inconveniences i might cause you with this request. thanks

Miss Ritta Abebe


“…failling into the hands of your workers…” Timmy!!! 8^0 You never told me you had a job!… ;^) I can’t imagine they think this trick is gonna work… It’s been going on for ages. - MHC

Hey, some people are stupid enough to fall for it, and I feel sorry for them, but you know how it is, “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is” ;) - Stretch

It looks like it was written by one of those awful “Artificial Intelligence” engines that gets built into a Flash player - iGod, or whatever. Or, could be the start of machines taking over!!! Nooooooooooo! - monkey_man