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A(nother) new look  3

The more observant ones amongst you (excepting, of course, readers with visual impairments) will notice that the site has changed. On the surface the changes look minimal - an extra column has appeared but it doesn’t contain anything new … yet.

Under the bonnet, a lot of work has gone on and there is more to come.

Hopefully it all fits together in whatever browser you’re using - if something’s out of place then please feel free to let me know either by leaving a comment or by emailing me (select Contact, above). I’m not too worried about things being a pixel or two out of place, but if something is majorly wrong then I’d prefer to be able to fix it.

Of course, if you all used Firefox or Safari then there’d be no problems at all …


Very very nice, Timmy! I love it! Hmm… I wonder what you have in store for us… :^) - MHC

Nice, I love it. - LobsterMan

Thank you both. - Timmargh