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I’m still smiling!  11

I got a very nice surprise in the post this morning: a cheque for 250GBP!

It wasn’t a Premium Bond win but the refund for the excess I had to pay to get my car repaired after that girl hit me back in June.

Now, what can I spend it on … ?


A new iMac G5. :^P - MHC

250? Add another 49 and you’ll have enough for a new 60Gb iPod (the fancy new video one). - Andyk

you could get an ipod nano… as well as one of these and still have enough left over to buy me a beer!! - tugger

I like MHC’s idea. I’m getting one, she’s getting one, so you should get one. ;) We could start a club. - Stretch

What a great idea! :^D The iMac G5 Club. Whee! - MHC

Tugger & AndyK : unfortunately, my current 20GB 4G model was a gift so I can’t just get rid of it. Having said that, I don’t really want to watch videos on such a small screen and while the Nano is lovely, I need at least 10GB to do what I use my iPod for. MHC & Stretch : an iMac G5 is definitely on the cards. I (hopefully) will be coming into a couple of thousand pounds in the near future and if my good friend Tugger can help me sell my G4 then I’ll be getting one. - Timmargh

Yay! I hope to get mine by XMas. I can hardly wait this old iMac G4 is tired and I fully respect that. :^D - MHC

The video ipod can display to a TV or video input, so… you need a new iMac G5 (with its TV/Video in capability) AND a video iPod, so that you can then watch movies in HD mode..!! or your er.. “gentlemans” dvd’s while waiting for N in the supermarket carpark :^) I can sell your G4 for you no problem. Give me the nod when you’re ready.. - tugger

Good man. - Timmargh

Oooh, I would be putting in a pre-order for the Xbox 360………. - gimpy mumpy

Did you use all that money on the earphones? lol. I had to make a joke, didn’t I *roll eyes*. It’s brill getting some extra money isn’t it? I got my capital one credit card upgraded to a platinum. Well, they are giving me three months balance transfers at 0% My Halifax one card is a bit on the large side. Not usually a big deal but, I need to save for Christmas. So, if I can pay off my halifax card slower than i usually do (because I won’t incur any interest) I can save more for Christmas presents and contribute to the glutteny budget as well LOL! Plus, There are several things I wanna get at Burton. I can use my store card and transfer that balance, avoid incuring their hidious interest rates. Gawd, I’m becoming a financial wizard, LOL! How did that happne for someone with poor maths? - Justin R