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A bit of spit and polish  5

I’ve spent some time in the last day or so polishing up this site. You may have noticed a few subtle changes … or maybe not.

Most obvious is the title: I found a nice tutorial for making glass-like text, followed the instructions and produced the result. I’m quite proud of it (my Photoshop skills are non-existant) and am also chuffed that I managed to make a “mouse over” version, i.e. it lights up when you hover your mouse pointer over it.

A not-so-obvious change is the headings in the right-hand column: I’ve used the dynamic text replacement technique as described on A List Apart. Put simply, this technique replaces headings and such with an image so you can use any font you like and the user doesn’t have to have it installed on their machine - it relies on certain things like browser compatibility and JavaScript being allowed, but if these conditions aren’t met then the normal style heading is shown.

Lastly, I’ve added a new style sheet for print, i.e. if you print any page from this site it’ll look different to the on-screen version. I cheated somewhat to do this and simply added a class of “noprint” to anything I didn’t want to appear on the printed version and then added .noprint { display: none !important; } to the style sheet along with other styles to convert other elements to plain text. Try printing a page to see … or don’t.


That’s the same thing I do with printer-friendly stylesheets, it works quite well. I like your new dynamic text replacement thing, it’s cool! - SoulSniper

Cheers! I really like the font - I spent ages picking it. - Timmargh

Wow! Your blog is so cool looking, Timmy! I’m going to have a look at that Photoshop tutorial. I was wondering if you heard of this one, Twinsparc’s WetFloor, a Photoshop action that you can download? So far though I haven’t been able to make it work but I honestly must say I haven’t spent all that much time on it either. - MHC

Thanks for that pointer, MHC - it’s a pretty groovy effect. I’ve used it to jazz up the xHTML, CSS and RSS buttons at the bottom of this column … - Timmargh

Wow! That is so totally awesome looking Timmy! Whooh! I got your suggestions on how to make this work so I’ll give it a try myself! :^D - MHC