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The answers  2

Well, I got a huge response to my “ask me a question” post … a whopping two people replied.

So, onto the answers.

Katie asked:

“I want to ask you how is the best way to talk to men as I am fed up of being single and I want to know how to talk to them!”

What can I say, Katie? The best thing to do is to be yourself and relax. The chances are that if you’re nervous when talking to a man, he’ll be nervous too. If you especially want to make an impression then don’t try and put on an act - it’ll only fall through at a later date. Be yourself, listen to what they’re saying, talk about things you may have in common and, most importantly, relax.

Here endeth the lesson.

Deborah (a.k.a. The Goldfish) asked:

If you had to go to dinner with three famous people - this is dinner mind, so you’ve got to have a conversation - who would you chose? They can be alive or dead, from any period of history, any area of the Arts or Science or Politics, but I must insist that at least one has to be a woman.

Ooh, good question. The first person would definitely have to be Eddie Izzard - he’s such a funny bloke and really nice, too.

The second person would be Michael Palin - I’ve just always wanted to shake his hand and get to know him … not entirely sure why!

And my token female would probably be Jennifer Love Hewitt - what can I say? She’s a fox!

Sorry if those are crap choices, but I’d prefer an amusing conversation than a deep, meaningful and philosophical one.

Deborah also asked:

What is the best thing about having Muscular Dystrophy? It might be something you’ve learnt or something that your circumstances have enabled you to do or someone you met as a direct result etc. Anything. The very best thing.

The best thing? Umm … erm … that’s a tough one.

*five minute pause to think*

The best thing about having muscular dystrophy is probably learning to be humble and losing the chip I had on my shoulder between the ages 11 to 17. I firmly believe that if I was able bodied then I’d probably be an insufferable asshole - some people might say that I am an insufferable asshole, but if I am then I’m not as much of one as I would be were I not a crip. Does that make sense?


Michael Palin would be one of my choices too. Knowledgeable AND funny, a wonderful dinner companion. As far as your being a bit of a different person (ahem, ‘not a shit’), I do understand. I think experiencing some of the pain & frustration that we crips do, helps us be more empathetic and understanding of others (and therefore less of a shit). :P - gimpy mumpy

Thanks for the advice Timmargh, I’m grateful for your help, I have always had that trouble of being myself as the men I had were total idiots and I felt bad and couldn’t be myself. I have also thought that if I did go out with a man they would wonder why I get loads of emotions and be silly. That was the bain of all the rumours that people started spreading about me and it was always nearly men who started them too! - Katie Fraser