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Pills  8

The pain killers I used to take daily to cope with my foot ulcer … lovely.



Erm.. They look rather interesting!!!?! Okay?!!! - Katie Fraser

Hard to believe that something so small can have such a powerfull effect on one’s quality of life. Hope you are feeling a bit better! I am starting to get pressure sores on my backside and they are sooooo painful. I don’t think anyone can fathom just how painful these things are until they experience it for themselves. - gimpy mumpy

Katie: if you’re wondering why I’ve put them here it’s because I’ve made a few desktop papers before (click the ‘Wallpapers’ link the the category list in the right-hand column) and I was bored so I took pictures of my pills. I’ve had a couple published on another site, too: - Timmargh

Soory for the comment! I was being sarcastic because I was a bit surprised about the picture, Sorry honey! Your wallpapers are brilliant! I love the spilled beans one, You could turn it on it’s side whichever way you want and make it in to a piece of artwork! They make things like that on home makeover shows. - Katie Fraser

No need to apologise, Katie, and thanks for the compliment - I’m glad you like them. :^) - Timmargh

Question is, how are these pills ‘administered’? Answers on a postcard, folks! - Wayne Smallman

I open the capsules, sprinkle the powder onto a mirror and then snort it through a rolled up 20 note. - Timmargh

Aren’t they the same colours as contraceptive pills? Are you sure these are for your feet? ;-) - The Goldfish