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Minted  9

I’ve just installed Mint, the new website statistics application from that genius known as Shaun Inman. He’s the same guy who created ShortStat that I mentioned a while back and, indeed, Mint is a ground-up reworking of that application. Is “application” the correct term to use? Should it be “web-app”? Anyway, for the uninitiated Mint lets me know where visitors to my site come from: if you find my site via Google then Mint tell me what the search keywords were and which page Google found. It also tells me which page contains the link if you came here from someone else’s site. The only time it doesn’t give me detailed info is when you come here from a bookmark (or ‘favourite’ for all you Internet Explorer users) - these simply add to the “visit count”. And it looks rather tasty, too:

Mint by Shaun Inman

By the way, if any of you are using Internet Explorer then I strongly recommend changing to a more secure browser like FireFox - you can read why this is a good idea at Browse Happy.

On a different note, I submitted my latest wallpaper to InterfaceLIFT and whilst I was doing so I noticed that they now have a “download statistics” page, i.e. figures representing how many times the submissions I’ve created have been downloaded. Well, curiosity took over as usual so I clicked the link and was staggered to see that my Hover Fly wallpaper has been downloaded a total of 1627 times. 1627 times?!?! I was expecting something like 20 or 30! And even more to my surprise, my Laurel Droplets wallpaper has been downloaded 8663 times! Eight f***ing thousand, six f***ing hundred and sixty f***ing three!!?!

*deep breath* … *relax*

Well, to say I was chuffed would be a bit of an understatement - to think that that many people liked them well enough to download was most pleasing. Ego-a-go-go!

I have submitted all the wallpapers I’ve made, but those two were the only ones that have been accepted so far - they get a constant stream of submissions and so only let the best ones through to keep the quality up. I doubt my Pills one get through either, but I’m not worried … not now at any rate!


Hi! New visitor, found you through some links I had…stat counters are interesting, just installed one myself. Cool Blog. :) - imfunnytoo

Firefox rules. End of. - Lbarbs

“By the way, if any of you are using Internet Explorer then I strongly recommend changing to a more secure browser like FireFox…” It’s like being back at college again .. I’m running FireFox Beta 1.5 So there. Ner ner ne-ner nerr! - Wayne Smallman

Imfunnytoo: thanks! ;^) Wayne: Ooh, aren’t you the cutting edge, erm, bloke. “Ner ner ne-ner nerr” indeed … - Timmargh

Timmy, I just caught this via John Gruber’s Daring Fireball: - MHC

How do you like Mint Timmy? Do you think its worth it? I’ve heard other people talking about it, and am kinda interested in getting it. - Stretch

Hi Stretch and thanks for commenting. I love Mint and I spend far too much time gazing at it - it’s pretty useful on it’s own but other people have been releasing loads of Peppers (i.e. plug-ins) for showing other information about your visitors. The next version of Mint will have a ‘Client View’ mode so people can view stats without needing a password or having access to preferences - if you’re not sure about spending the 30USD I’ll gladly give you the URL of my installation to look over before you make your mind up. The Peppers I’m using at the moment are: - Referrers: what it says on the tin; - Outclicks: which link people leave your site via; - Searches: which search terms lead people to your site and which page was found; - Google Images: same as ‘Searches’ but for images; - Local Searches: same as ‘Searches’ but for your local search form; - Fresh View: a line graph showing numbers of visitors in the past day, week, month or year; - User Pies: pie charts of users’ browser, OS, screen resolution and Flash version; - Referrer Rollup - total number of referrals from each referrer. All of these Peppers either come with Mint or are available free (or donation-ware). Check out the Mint forum: Or the Pepper list: - Timmargh

I was bored … here’s a (stitched together, 180KB) screenshot of my Mint stats. - Timmargh

Thanks Timmy. I think I may look into getting this. - Stretch