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Give me an easy one on sport  5

This is a bit of a cop-out as entries go and I’m also stealing the idea from Lisy Babe’s Blog.

I’m offering you lot the chance to ask me any question and I will answer it. It can be personal, technical, general knowledge or something completely random. When I have enough questions I’ll make another entry with my answers.

So, you can email me your question or, if you want remain anonymous, just leave a comment on this entry.


Hi Timothy, I want to ask you how is the best way to talk to men as I am fed up of being single and I want to know how to talk to them! - Katie Fraser

Katie needs to think like a man. That means that any conversation needs to be based on sex, food and funny stuff, in that order of preference. Avoid open ended questions and don’t go looking for stuff to get upset about… - tugger

Oi! I’m the one answering the questions! - Timmargh

You tell him Timmargh! I find his answer strange though, That would be wierd me thinking like a man! But would any man like talking about all that? - Katie Fraser

I do know of a certain blogger I like though who knows technology, but some hope, I think not! - Katie Fraser