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Foot. Car. Revisited.  0

I had two hospital appointments yesterday: one at 10 o’clock in the morning for an arterial leg scan and another at 2.30 to see the vascular surgeon.

The morning appointment was good, even though the carer had to help me get my trousers down whilst I was sat in my wheelchair - lots of wriggling, leaning one way and then the other, but it was soon done. The specialist doing the scan (using an ultra-sound machine) was really great - friendly, funny and not in the least bit patronising. I discovered later that my mum knows him and he used to live just down the road from where my parents live.

The afternoon appointment was okay, but the nurse removed my bandages and then I was sat waiting for the specialist for about an hour will my foot resting in a chair covered in sterile paper - not the comfiest hour I’ve spent, but at least the pain was a lot less compared to last time when I ended up snivelling like a little girl!

If you’re wondering what’s wrong with my foot/leg, then have a glance at the previous posts: one, two, three.

On a different subject, the carer’s car got broken into just under a fortnight ago and the insurance company have taken ages to sort it out. She had to ring them on Wednesday to find out what was going on because she’d been car-less for a week and a half and hadn’t heard from them - the guy she spoke to was very unhelpful and bordered on being rude, told her it’d been written off (i.e. it wasn’t worth repairing) and said she had to call the repairers herself to find out where her car was. So she rang the repairers and they told her she’d have to pay 70GBP for them to bring her car back as the insurers wouldn’t pay for it! At this point she got really angry, rang the insurers back and demanded to speak to the manager - she complained to him about the guy’s attitude who she’d spoken to earlier, told him that she wasn’t prepared to pay for the repairers to bring her own car back to her (it was less than three miles away!) and that she thought the car was worth more than the 420GBP they were offering her. After apologising profusely, the manager agreed to have a word with the other guy she spoke to, to pay for her car to be brought back and to up the amount to 500GBP.

She’s now gotten her car back, it’s still insured with them, she received a cheque for 500GBP from them this morning and her car was fully repaired today by a friend who works for Green Flag for the princely sum of 170GBP. Result!