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Adam, 1972 - 2005  2

I recently found out that a friend of mine, Adam, died in a motorcycle accident last month. He was a month away from his 33rd birthday.

I met him when another friend of mine started seeing Adam’s sister.

He moved to the United States with his job and we regularly emailed each other. Unfortunately, the frequency of the emails slowly dwindled until we lost contact. He got married a year or so ago and I always meant to reconnect with him but, unfortunately I never did.

Take it easy Adam, mate - I’ll raise my glass to you next time I have a drink.


Hi Timmargh, Sorry to hear about your email pal! he sounded anice person. I find it good when I think of things that I remember about a person when they leave these shores, hope that helps too! Best Wishes, Katie - Katie Fraser

Thanks, Katie. He had his bad moments like every one does, but on the whole he could easily be classed as “a nice bloke”. - Timmargh