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Worcester’s Guild Hall gets disabled access  2

I’m not usually a campaigner for places to improve their disabled access, but I was pleased to see this article on the BBC news website:

A nine-month project costing more than 650,000GBP to improve access to Worcester’s Guildhall is to be completed next week.

A new lift will provide access to the Assembly Room Restaurant and there are new toilets for the disabled.

A new oak staircase has also been placed in its original location within the Grade I listed building.

The extensive refurbishment of the North Wing area required planning permission.

The work is being completed in close association with English Heritage.


I agree with you there Timmargh, I briefly read the article and I think it will help a great deal to all the disabled visitors who visit the facility. Sounds cool! I love hearing and reading disability stories anyway, and love reading them at the charity where I work too! - Katie Fraser

It’s about time! Everyone should be able to visit the Guild Hall and as long as the improvements are done tastefully I’m sure it will have no negative effect on the building. - Yggdrasil