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CoverFlow  5

I’ve just read about CoverFlow over on The Tao of Mac.

It allows you to browse your albums complete with beautiful artwork pulled from any sources it can find, whether that’s buried in your song tags, collected via Synergy, or looked up on Amazon.


So, if you’re running a Mac with OS X 10.4 (it’s Tiger only at the moment) then make sure you check it out.

CoverFlow #2


I’m curious - what’s the album with HR Giger artwork (to the right of the centre album) ? -the coverflow guy :) - Jon

It’s "Brain Salad Surgery” by Emerson, Lake And Palmer: I absolutely LOVE CoverFlow! - Timmargh

Looks good, but how the hell do you download it? - Wayne Smallman

Yeah, the download link wasn’t there the other day when I checked but it seems to have reappeared now. - Timmargh

Should have read your post a little more thoroughly. I’m not running Tiger on my G5, yet… - Wayne Smallman