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Another musical baton-type thing I’ve picked up from Pete Ashton’s blog - this one is about “five songs that one is digging of this moment”.

  1. Coffee & TV by Blur
    I hadn’t heard this for ages until I caught the video on one of the music channels about a week ago - since then I’ve specifically looked for it in iTunes a few times.
  2. Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics
    This has always been a favourite and is in my “Mellow, 5*” playlist which I’ve been listening to a lot recently.
  3. The Scientist by Coldplay
    Same reasons as song number 2.
  4. Easy by Emiliana Torrini
    Recently I was chatting to a friend of mine about music and I mentioned Emiliana - they’d never heard of her so I played this track and a couple of others. This particular one has stuck in my head since and I find myself humming it most mornings.
  5. Losing My Religion by R.E.M.
    I bought R.E.M.’s greatest hits for N on her birthday nearly a fortnight ago and she’s been playing it most mornings since. Most people seem to see this as a sad and almost depressing song but for some reason it always cheers me up - don’t listen to the lyrics, just hear the tune!

I’ll do the same as Pete and allow anyone to pick this up for their blog. If you do so then please leave a comment including a link to your site.



If you haven’t found Coffee & TV to download yet, you are welcome to have my copy of the 13 album. It failed the twelve month test some time ago (twelve months unplayed and it leaves the shelf). E-mail me and I’ll post it to you. Losing My Religion is one of my all time favourites and although not cheery, I find the lyric very moving. I guess it sums up most of the romantic encounters of my youth. I have taken up the baton. You know where to find me… ;-) - The Goldfish

At least you would know where to find me if I typed my URL correctly… ;-) - The Goldfish

Ha! I’ve got you bookmarked so I’d be able to find you whatever you typed. And I have Blur’s “13” on CD, but thanks for the offer. - Timmargh

You missed out “The Chicken Song”…. - Throat Warbler Mangroves

I preferred the B-side to that one! - Timmargh

I shall be using this idea as of….now! - Yggdrasil