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Photography … again  8

Due to the overwhelming number of comments (i.e. three) about my decision to close *beep* *click*, I’ve decided not to do so. I was on a bit of a low that day and had just lost all desire to do anything.

So, I’ll keep it open and add new photos as and when I take anything worthwhile.


Great decision! :D - LobsterMan

I agree - SoulSniper

w00t, this is a joyful day for all - gamesfreak

Cool! Your photos are great but I haven’t been on *beep* or *click* yet but when I have time I will! Things are strange around at the moment. - Katie Fraser

People Power! - Fluffy

"People power" indeed. I can’t believe I got bullied about my own website! Thanks for the comment, Fluffy … whoever you are! - Timmargh

You have an eye for a great shot - keep up the good work Timmargh!! - Rameses Niblick III Kerplunk Kerplunk Whoops Where's My Thribble?

Thanks, Rameses. I see you’re a Red Dwarf fan - do I know you? If so, I’d say you could be one of three people … - Timmargh