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Heart drug for muscular dystrophy  5

I have a different form of muscular dystrophy (FSH) but this is still damn good news:

Scientists believe they may have found a way to ward off heart failure associated with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

Many people with DMD die in their 20s because their heart weakens and fails.

The experimental drug works as a chemical sticking plaster and strengthens heart muscle cells, making them less likely to break under strain.

Although the drug was tested in mice, the University of Michigan authors told Nature it may also work in humans.

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Hi Timmargh, It’s good to know they might have found a way of curing DMD, they should come up with ways of curing other illnesses and disabilities in my opinion. - Katie Fraser

@ Katie: I’m sure scientists are trying to cure all illnesses and disabilities, but sometimes it’s not that easy, and takes time. @ Tim: This is good news, how will this affect you and the form of muscular dystrophy that you have? - SoulSniper

The form I have (FSH) isn’t really included in this as the heart isn’t affected, but it’s a step in the right direction for all forms of MD. - Timmargh

That’s pretty cool. It’s a good sign that Scientists will be able to open up further avenues of research as this new drug progresses, paving that one step closer to the treatment of all forms of MD. Nice. - Daniel Harper (gamesfreak)

Yay for me I have DMD!!! If this works on humans all my problems will be resolved. Well… I will never walk but I will live yay. Also timmargh you should search for anti-sense drugs. they are the new thing apparantly. - bert