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Going slightly mad  8

Warning: whining shitness ahead - get out now while you still can!

My foot is no better and now I’m taking two lots of anti-biotics along with the anti-inflammatories and painkillers - I’ve gone from zero pills to at least 14 a day … more if I get more pain. I’ve come to realise how lucky I’ve been for all 32 years of my life - now I’m having to medicate myself and cope with some pain I’m falling apart slowly. Physically I’m still okay-ish, apart from the obvious foot-thing, but mentally I’m losing it - I don’t know if it’s the heat, the interrupted sleep or the side-effects of the pills, but I’m very tearful and get stressed very easily. In short: I’ve gone crap.

On the upside, I did go to a wedding reception on Saturday at Stone Manor - it was the missus’ cousin’s daughter’s big day (did you follow that?) and I marked the special occasion by having a shave and wearing a tie, two things that I don’t often do at all let alone on the same day. Transport was provided by the very friendly Regency Taxis but I couldn’t take alcoholic advantage of not driving because of the painkillers … bollocks. Still, at least I got out of the house for the second time in a fortnight. Me? Agoraphobic? Nah. Not yet, at least …


Stone Manor is great! My dad and stepmum had their wedding there in April and it was an amazing day. I also pulled a barmaid :-) Sorry to hear about you losing your marbles. Have you tried looking in your pocket for them, cos it’s really easy to lose things in your pocket… hehe - SoulSniper

Hi Timmargh, Hope you are feeling a bit better! I know how you’ve been feeling because I have been feeling off too, It must be the heat like you said or me being an absolute pain to everyone in my town or places. What do you think? Let’s be mad together shall we? I even wrote about me being confused on my blog, help out to clear my mind and sort me out by reading the post on my blog. I always find it helpful when males and females tell me things! - Katie Fraser

@ SoulSniper: the barmaids were nice, but the missus was there so I had to tone my animal magnetism down a bit … or something. @ Katie: yeah, let’s share our madness. I’ve written three or four posts whilst in a pain-killer-induced dreamy state, but decided not to post them because they were basically paragraphs of absolute bollocks! - Timmargh

Hi Timmargh, Thanks for your hilarious comment! I have written posts like that too, Did you read the latest one? I know sometimes I can write complete and utter crap on my blog but I write posts with good intentions! - Katie Fraser

My solution: Remove the offending foot but then I don’t use mine and probably never will. Hope you get better soon. Maybe some acupuncture? - bert

Timmargh, sorry to hear the foot is still acting up. About the meds my advice would be to get a second, third, or even fourth opinion. Some of us are way sensitive to meds and when forced into taking them need to be on VERY small doses. Best of luck. - Gimpy Mumpy

Sorry that you’re having such a hard time, Tim. I find the painkillers loosen my stiff upper lip as well. ;-) If there’s any codeine in there, this is a narcotic; it’s going to make your sleepier and thus more emotionally volatile and less inhibited such that tears come very easily. It’s not nice but presumably this is only temporary and even if it wasn’t, your systems gets accustomed and the side-effects reduce. One tip to minimise the effect is to stagger the dose (one tablet every two hours instead of two every four - or even half a pill every hour). Caffeine helps counteract the narcotic effects and stabilises the mood, although be careful this doesn’t worsen the sleep. If you feel tearful one of the best things is to indulge in some activity which will get the whole thing out of your system. Tears carry cortisole - a stress hormone - out of our bodies. Thus you will often feel much better after a good wail. For some reason The Scorpians ’ Wind of Change always cracks me up. - The Goldfish

Thanks for the sympathies and advice, guys ‘n’ gals. I called the doctor out again yesterday and he’s stepped up the painkillers to tramadol hydrochloride - I actually slept right through last night so I’m feeling a bit less unhinged today! He’s also referring me to a vascular surgeon as he can’t understand why my foot doesn’t hurt during the day when it’s swollen and it does hurt during the night when the swelling goes down and my foot is raised - he says it should be the other way around. I’ll keep you posted. - Timmargh