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Foot. Car.  5

Sorry for the lack of activity around here lately - several factors have contributed to this.

My foot

The swelling in my foot has turned out to be an infection. The district nurse came to see me again last Wednesday and told me to ring the doctor again - I did so and he prescribed me a course of anti-biotics. Unfortunately, I was still being woken up with severe pains during the night - I thought I could handle pain but it turns out I was wrong!

After about 5 nights of being woken up the missus rang the doctor for me at 2 o’clock on Saturday morning - she explained what was going on and the doctor told her to go to Primary Care to pick up some pain killers. When she returned she’d also been given some anti-inflammatories which I gratefully took along with the blessed pain killers and slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

Normally I shy away from popping pills and am quite proud of my “grit my teeth and bear it” attitude and I thought I’d experienced real pain before … but I was wrong. It was like I had an open wound on my foot and someone was poking it with needles - it was really painful - and so I happily gobbled down the pills. The doctor advised me to take the pain killers along with my anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories three times a day and I have to say I am grateful to be getting a good night’s sleep.

My car

My car was returned to me yesterday at half past five, all nice, shiny and repaired. I didn’t have a courtesy car to return because they couldn’t find me one with an automatic gearbox that also had power steering. After politely but firmly suggesting to my insurance company on Monday last week that they could and should be doing more to help me, they hired me a car from Enterprise for 5 days - a Vauxhall Corsa that was uncomfortable to drive but was worth having purely to meet the nice young lady who dropped it off and then collected it later … ;^)

So, my foot’s (hopefully) on the mend and I’m mobile again. Next: the world!


Hi Timmargh, Glad to hear from you again, Sorry to hear about your foot, and glad to hear about your new car. I was reading your site and came across that you like Calvin and Hobbes, I share the same interest in that cartoon,as I like it as well. It’s funny isn’t it? My Uncle from Canada gave me a book of them and I love reading it a lot. Best Wishes to you and your wife, Katie - Katie Fraser

Calvin & Hobbes is (are) excellent - I laugh my guts up every time I read a strip. Thanks for the wishes! She’s not my wife, though - just "the missus". ;^) - Timmargh

Yey - Luke

Timmargh! Glad to have you back :) Hope you and your family and friends are well after today’s events (not sure how close to London you are). - Gimpy Mumpy

Thanks Gimpy. I live about 120 miles from London so I’m well out of it - I feel for those who were in the thick of it, though. :^( - Timmargh