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Word.  17

No posts for a while, so here’s a stop-gap: describe how you’re feeling using just one word.

Mine: turmoil.


Lonely!!!! - Katie Fraser

:,^( - Timmargh

discombobulated - Gimpy Mumpy

Reticent. ;-) Sorry to about the turmoil, Timmargh. Wish you calmer waters forthwith. - The Goldfish

Ecstatic - SoulSniper

Indifferent… - Wayne Smallman

asexual lol sorry but I do much like the potato - bert

Crippled! ;) - Lbarbs

I am feeling confused today! One reason is to do with where I am living, Second is how damon got treated by a person on Ouch, Thirdly, why no one has any good ideas from the post on my blog! - Katie Fraser

Today, I am mostly feeling: loose… - Wayne Smallman

Friday - Adamant

@ Wayne: too many Bran Flakes? - Timmargh

Bored - Luke

Well, there was touch of that on Monday morning after the elephant-sized portion of nachos with cheese sauce and a double helping of chilis from the night before. Want my advice? If you plan on denaturing your intestinal tract, be sure to place a toilet role in the fridge the night before. Whoa! - Wayne Smallman

Edgy - Agent Fang

@ Wayne: that song springs to mind … "Ring of fire" ;^) - Timmargh

The medical term is third-degree ring burn… - Wayne Smallman