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ShortStat  2

Yesterday I installed ShortStat on this site and I’m already addicted!

ShortStat is a darn useful utility that you install on your server, add a single PHP include line to each of your pages and then sit back and watch as it collects and organises all your ‘hit’ data, i.e. how many people are viewing your pages, which page brought them here, where they’re based and which browser/platform they’re using.

Some of the strangest Google search terms that have brought people here include:

“whats the name of the song on the new ribena advert 2005”

“bot lurgy”

And my favourite so far:

“knees together exiting cars”


Interestingly, when you do a search on “knees together exiting cars”, the results give me and a “deportment guide for transvestites”.. Something we need to know..?? no smoke without fire etc.. - tugger

Just what are you insinuating? Don’t make me post that photo of you in that shirt … again. Well, my site is now top of the result because of this entry - I ‘spose that’s some kind of irony, or something? - Timmargh