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Spider shadow  3

A lesser-spotted Kidderminster “killing spider”, just before he leapt onto and ate a passing gazelle.

Photo of a spider


A gazelle? In Kidde? Pull the other one. Might have been a wandering aardvark? Thanks for looking at my Flickrpics. I like your B/W shots of Worcester - I must try some B/W too. Best wishes Andrew - Andrew Mawby

Thanks for commenting, Andrew. Your Flickr pics are very good, but I can’t take credit for the black and white photos of Worcester: my nephew took them! - Timmargh

That’s a good one! I think I wrote a post called Spider Shadow a while back, but I didn’t have a photo to go with it. I’ve got a photo of a different one though - if yours eats gazelles, mine eats gnus! I decided not to put it up in case my readers all unsubbed… - Diddums