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MenuCalendarClock  4

I registered this excellent little app after using it for less than a week - it just so happened that it was a busy week for me and the reminders and notes this app provided me with helped me to stay on track.

It has several features that I love, not least of all the fact I can have today’s date on my menu bar - I can’t believe this isn’t a standard OS X feature, although I’m assuming it’ll appear in Tiger. Also, a single click will drop down a calendar display of the current month along with any pending “to-do” items you’ve entered in iCal which is something I’ve been looking for.


I tried BurnoutMenu but it didn’t meet all my needs - it’s good but not what I need - and so have settled on MenuCalendarClock.


To be honest, iCal should have had a similar feature built in from day one… - Wayne Smallman

That said, one of the Dashboard widgets will be filling that hole soon enough… - Wayne Smallman

Yeah, iCal certainly needs to be menubar friendly, as does Mail. Fingers crossed for some nice features in Tiger, eh? - Timmargh

Got the new MacWorld this morning. Something in there about Tiger, so I’ll be reading it later on today… - Wayne Smallman