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“iDrives” icon set  13

It’s not often I consider changing my system icons because I really like the standard Aqua style, but these drive icons are quite a nice alternative - different but still similar enough to fit in without me having to change the rest to match.

iDrives icons

The set is called “iDrives” and they were made by the very talented Wolfgang Bartelme.


I am the purist. I change nothing on my system. There once was a time when I had all of the mad system ‘enhancers’ and all of the weird & wonderful icons. A gazillion crashes later and I’m a wiser man… - Wayne Smallman

I am a bit of a purist myself - I never had any kind of customisations when I used Windows and the only thing I change on my Mac is the icons and wallpaper. - Timmargh

OK, so my type of purism is synonymous with the word: ‘boring’ I don’t even change the desktop pattern anymore .. how boring is that?! - Wayne Smallman

Well, changing it too often can be distracting to one’s work … but I think we’ll stick with “boring”. :^P - Timmargh

I know a guy who owns a PC and he made everything that was humanly customizable on his desktop just shades of grey. All without resorting to using 3rd-party utilities. You can do this with the mac to some extent, but Windows has the option of changing the colour of just about anything… - Wayne Smallman

Wish I could afford a Mac! - SoulSniper

Get an iBook or a Mac Mini… - Wayne Smallman

“Wish I could afford a Mac!” Like Wayne said, get an iBook or a Mac Mini - once you have one, chances are you’ll never look back. - Timmargh

I’m a student, hence I’m poor! Even a Mac Mini is too expensive for me right now. I compromised. I installed Linux and put a nice OSX theme on it :-) - SoulSniper

Good man. Hopefully I’ll be getting a laptop, too, soon - I’d love a PowerBook but I can’t really justify the cost for what I’d use it for, so it’ll probably be an iBook. - Timmargh

Tim, what about this for an utterly mad desktop wallpaper idea? Go to: - Wayne Smallman

That’s a coincidence: I read this recently on Veerle’s blog: I tried it myself but don’t have the strength to move my iMac out of the way and the missus wasn’t interested :^( - Timmargh

Pah! Woman… - Wayne Smallman