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Bring out yer dead  2

The lurgy is in town. A head cold - sore throat, blocked sinuses, sneezing, coughing etc. - is making its way around N’s family. The people who have succumbed so far (named in relation to N) include: a nephew, a brother-in-law, a sister, another brother-in-law, another sister, her mum (who’s elderly and is now being looked after at our house) and now N herself. Un-super.

So far I’ve been lucky and have not manifested any symptoms as I’ve been ingesting plenty of that highly effective cold deterrant: Ribena. Hopefully it’ll bypass me altogether (I’m usually fortunate like that), but if it doesn’t I shall leap on the opportunity to spend more time than usual in bed - I just wish I could afford to invest in an iBook so I could do the internet thing from the comfort of the duvet. Still, it’s my birthday in just over a week so you never know …


Well I know one thing, the next time I get a bit of cold, I won’t be going to for a jog. The last time I did that, just as I got through the front gate I become extremely light-headed and nearly collapsed in a big old heap. Not good… - Wayne Smallman

I was the first one to catch the cold! - Josh