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I could go for miles and miles and miles and …  3

When I got my first car way back in January 1990 I was a 16 year-old learning to drive and between then and passing my test in May I covered over 3 thousand miles. Between passing my test and the following January I covered another 17 thousand or so miles. For the next how-ever-many years I averaged between 14 and 20 thousand mile per year. How is it now then that after owning my current car for over two years has it only just reached 10 thousand miles?

As it turns out, I do know the answer and it’s a combination of things, not least of all my disability making life just that much harder for me year by year.

There was a time where I could jump (fall) into my car and nip down the motorway at 11 o’clock at night to Weston-super-Mare and back with nothing more than a numb arse, whereas nowadays I can barely make it halfway to Southampton (you know who you are ;^P) before the pain sets in. Fortunately, though, it’s the sort of pain that, once it starts, doesn’t seem to increase - it just gets boring, like being uncomfortable.

I have a belt to keep my knees together (no comments, please) that, surprisingly, is relatively pain-free, but it’s my feet and ankles that suffer - I have a cushion supporting my left foot, keeping it near the brake pedal and a splint in my right shoe, keeping my foot lifted. I have tried hand controls, years ago, but lack the strength and co-ordination in my arms and hands to safely control the car - I can’t always indicate properly on roundabouts as it is!

I long for the days when pedals and steering wheels in a car are replaced with a PlayStation controller …


Funnily enough, Crewe is approximately half the distance away from brummie country than Southampton is, so comfort isn’t exactly the reason now, is it..?? I would also hazard a guess that the change in ‘complete lack of excercise to bacon sandwich’ ratio has contributed to the deteriation… Look at the highlights in your life right now, and ask yourself whether you should be getting out more, bollocks to waiting for the fancy wheelchair, it’s a big wide world out here and you should be getting out into it! your mate tugger. - tugger

Believe it or not, driving one’s car with something akin to Playstation controls is already possible, if somewhat pricey. Motability might pay if you ask very, very nicely. Suggest you toddle along to Ricability or summat and look at ‘ways of controlling a car’ or whatever that factsheet’s called. You’re computer literate, you know what I mean. And yeah, I’m replying in June to an entry made in January. Go me. Go you if you actually see and/or respond to this comment. - Rebecca

Rebecca: thanks for the comments and the pointer - I’ll check it out. "And yeah, I’m replying in June to an entry made in January. Go me. Go you if you actually see and/or respond to this comment." Any comment on any entry any time is appreciated … and thank the lord for the “email new comments” option! - Timmargh